Counter Extremism videos: resource for teachers

From July 1st schools have a duty to protect students from extremism. Terrorism – defined as not just violent extremism, but also non-violent extremism that can “create an atmosphere conducive to terrorism and popularise views which terrorists exploit”. These video clips openly made available through the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) are of Sara Khan (from Inspire) and will be very useful for schools as part of staffs’ professional development. Schools may recognise Sara from several TV & radio interviews. Sara agreed to do this work for the London e-safety group (three of the 3BM curriculum team are on this group). She offers information, insights and advice to help schools navigate this difficult area. She highlights the fact that mainstream Islam and ISIS are worlds apart, and lays out principles that apply equally to all forms of extremism, including the far-right.

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Inspire is a non-governmental advocacy organisation (NGO) working to counter extremism and gender inequality. It has useful video material that schools could use.

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