DfE updates ‘Keeping children safe’

‘Keeping children safe in education’: statutory guidance has been updated and sent to all schools and colleges.  This replaces ‘Safeguarding children and safer recruitment in education (2006)’.

It provides guidance on:

  • safeguarding systems, including schools’ child protection policies and the appointment of a designated safeguarding lead
  • the checks necessary to carry out recruitment safely
  • dealing with allegations of abuse made against staff members

The guidance informs those working in schools and colleges about:

  • types of abuse and neglect
  • where to find further information about the signs that a child may be being abused
  • how to refer a child about whom they have concerns
  • signposts them to further, detailed information on specific safeguarding issues including female genital mutilation, child sexual exploitation, cyberbullying, mental health, and radicalisation

The publication of the new guidance follows a public consultation last year. Also brought forward, is an amendment to the School Staffing Regulations (2009) to enable schools to choose the obligatory safe recruitment training that best suits their particular circumstances. These changes “will ensure school and college staff are clear about their statutory responsibilities and able to exercise their professional judgement with confidence in keeping children safe.” The new guidance is available on the government website:


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